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Isolated & Repeater Serial RS232 RS485 RS422

The Y series of industrial interfaces manufactured by IP Electronix are Repeater, Amplifier and Isolator for data transmission in RS232, RS485, RS422 standards.

This series supports 300bps to 230400bps Baud-Rate, and by adding them to the RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 communication paths, they can be very effective in removing noise and amplifying the signal. Also, in Y12 and Y14 models, a serial line can be divided into two or four separate isolated branches.

With the Y Series products, the length of the RS-232 lines can be increased to at least 30m, and for the RS485 and RS422 can be increased up to 2400m, and more devices can be connected to one RS-485 line.

These converters work with a wide range of power supply from + 8V to + 48V and for all models and also, there is a 12V adapter with each of them.

3kV optical and electrical insulation for each port, as well as protection against lightning, electric and electromagnetic shocks, as well as the removal of electromagnetic noise, are provided in the design of these converters. These specifications make the E Series the choice for use in industrial automation, telecommunication systems, SCADA systems, DCS systems and the like.

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