#1 to #4 RS-232 Isolated HUB (Repeater & Isolator)


IP Electronix PH232Y14 is a 1 to 4 RS-232 HUB that provides #4 RS-232 (Full Duplex) ports from one single RS-232 port. It works with Baud-Rate from 300bps to 230400bps. Using this device, you can connect a RS-232 line, to 4 different devices.

PH232Y14 can also be used as a RS-232 Repeater, Amplifier and Y-Switch. All communications are Full-Duplex. In addition, 3kV Optical and Electrical insulations have been used in the design of this device, this means all the ports are insulated from each other, so using this device in the RS-232 line, can be very effective in eliminating electrically and electromagnetically noises. Also, the length of the RS-232 line increases from 15m to 30m (15m on each side).

Protection against Surge, ESD and EMI is considered in its design, so, PH232Y14 is good for industrial usage and are useful for Industrial Automation, Telecommunications, SCADA systems, DCS systems... 


  • RS-232 Repeater, HUB, Isolator and Amplifier;
  • Number of Ports: #1 RS-232 to #4 RS-232 Bi-Directional HUB;
  • Serial Standard: Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU v.28 Standards;
  • RS-232 Signal: TxD, RxD, GND;
  • RS-232 Parity: Even, Odd, None, Mark and Space;
  • Fully Plug & Play;
  • Wide Range Power Supply: +8V to +48V DC;
  • Serial Transmission Speed up to 230.4 kbps;
  • Power (Green) LED Indicator;
  • Transmit (Blue) and Receive (Yellow) LED Indicator;
  • Isolation Protection: 3kV Instantaneous, 500V DC Continuous;
  • Surge Protection: Embedded 1500W Surge Protection;
  • Magnetic Isolation:5 kV Built-in;
  • ESD Protection: RS-232 Bus-Pin ESD Protection Exceeds ±15 kV Using Human-Body Model (HBM);
  • Dimensions: 218mm x 122mm x 30mm (8.58in x 4.80in x 1.18 in);
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C (+14°F to +158°F);
  • 1 Year Guarantee and 5 Years Support.

User's Manual Data Sheet